Why Your Landing Pages Aren't Converting

You’ve listened to every marketing guru and have checked out every online course you can get your hands on, and yet your online funnel still isn’t delivering the results you were looking for.

What’s the deal?

The truth is if your sales funnel and your landing page isn't including some important factors, you’re simply spinning your wheels.

Fear not, here will be discussing some of the most important details to include in creating a strong, converting sales final.

Keeping it Beautiful

Chances are with all of the information that you received on how to create a sales funnel, you have focused more on the content that went into your page than the actual look of it.

This is a big mistake. After all, research has shown us that the majority of individuals will quickly leave a website if they find it looks unattractive.

This is one first impression you can’t afford to mess up.

Be sure that your landing page is actually aesthetically pleasing before bombarding people with information about your product or service.

Getting Personal

You’ll find that a number of landing pages that fail to convert are missing one crucial element, they’re too afraid to get personal.

Remember, your audience wants the story, which means they don’t want to just hear about the solution you discovered, they want to hear about how you discovered it. They want to know that you can relate to the exact situation that they’re in, the emotions that they’re feeling, and the struggles that they face on a daily basis.

Not only do they want to know that you’ve been there, they want you to provide them with a success story that can inspire them.

This means getting a little vulnerable and being willing to dig into your past in order to show exactly how your product or service has changed your own life.

What’s in it For Me?

One factor that should be repeated throughout your sales funnel is exactly what’s in it for your clientele.

Is it a price that's simply unbeatable? Is it a unique strategy that can’t be found anywhere else on the web? Or is it simply a short term sale on a product you plan on offering for a limited amount of time?

Whatever it is, be sure your audience knows exactly what’s at stake and why they should purchase as quickly as possible.

A Strong Call to Action

Have you ever noticed that all the Call to Actions tends to look the same after a while? That’s because many creators for landing pages and sales funnels turn to cliché call to actions in the hopes that it will result in some leads.

The truth is some good old Common Sense is plenty to do the job here. Simply review the content on your landing page to ask yourself what the next logical question would be.

Finding the Right Help

Still having trouble finding out why your landing page isn't working? Contact us today for more information on how we can help do you shut up the kind of landing page that makes your money even while you sleep.