Web Design Trends

Many business owners are aware of the fact that a strong website is a necessary part of creating an online presence for your brand, that will ultimately lead to higher sales and greater brand exposure. However, it's important to remember that creating a strong business website means staying ahead of the pack with design elements to create a long-lasting impression.

If you're not sure which design features should be incorporated into your website read on for some of the most popular trends for websites today.

Easy to Access Help

While your business may have a customer care service center or even a call line, the average visitor doesn't want to actually take the time to sit on hold or to be transferred from operator to operator.

Which is why so many businesses are now offering direct customer care chat that allows your customers or potential customers to have their questions answered at the click of a button.

Out of Graphic Elements

Once upon a time, asymmetrical elements on a website created a clean and distinctive look.

However, today you'll find a number of web designers that are mixing things up by spreading out their content to create an unexpected look that audiences tend to respond well to.

Animations and Illustrations

If you believe that illustrations and cartoons are too childlike for your business, it may be time to take a closer look.

A number of businesses are turning to bubbly, colorful, and even hand-sketched animations to help easily feed information to their website audience is.

This technique can make even the most serious business topic more relate-able and entertaining.

Personalized Tools

Most businesses are aware that one of the primary questions that customers have on their mind when visiting "is what's in it for me?". Which is why many are now incorporating tools that can answer just that.

For example, Air B&B has created a tool that can give customers a rough estimate on what a nightly rate may be in their area.

Some banking services even provide customers with tools that can show them just how quickly their debt can be cleared up with the right assistance.

The more personalized your tools can get, the more you'll be targeting your audience as an individual.

In order to use this technique to its full potential, it’s important to stop and analyze exactly what factors and areas will matter most to your clientele.

Then work with an established website developer to craft the right tool to help your client paint the picture.

Your Web Design Done Right

Staying on top of the numerous web design trends can quickly become tedious, especially when you have your own business to manage.

Which is why so many businesses turn to professional web designers to create a website that stays ahead of the competition while still representing their brand well.

If you are looking to achieve the same, contact us today to begin discussing how we can be of service.